• Interpersonal Conflict Dynamics

  • Conflict Transformation Strategies

  • Conflict Strategies in Organizations

  • Disruption in (Family) Developmental Stages

  • Growing Up Not Blended & Stepfamily Challenges

  • Foundations of Family Conflict & Dynamics

  • High Performing Blended Families


General Conflict Resolution Learning Objectives:

•    The individuals and organization will understand the different levels and styles of conflict, and will be able to use them to manage conflict in an effective manner.

•    Will gain knowledge and skills necessary to help manage conflict effectively while fostering relationships and successfully moving parties to agreement.  Eunizia's emphasis is focused on the importance of maintaining relationships, even through a disagreement.

•    Effectively analyze conflict and come to a resolution through negotiation

•    Individuals will understand their conflict style and how to adapt to others

Family Conflict Learning Objectives:

•    One of the most complex types of conflict is conflict within the family. Conflicts with family members are different from those of co-workers, friend or neighbor's and are often more destructive.  Teaching will provide audience with techniques and in-depth insight into family dynamics to enhance dispute resolution techniques when managing conflict within families.

•    Individuals will gain awareness and knowledge about characteristics that promote resilience in a family.  Individuals will be able to identify resilience attributes in a family.   |   PO Box 2863 Brentwood, TN 37024

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